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What exactly is the Valais Vinotherapy?

Vinotherapy treatments can do wonders for your health. The rituals with Valais grape seeds use the essential nutrients of the wine grapes therapeutically. Wine grapes contain lots of  polyphenol and antioxidants which rejuvenate the skin. The extract of natural grape seeds is used for beauty care and revitalisation purposes.

There are several forms of treatments used in Vinotherapy, namely:

Vinotherapie Alpentherme_klein
  • Peeling: The peelings act skin-cleaning and stimulate blood circulation in skin
  • Grape-salt baths : Wine tartar is used for peeling effects. Grape seed oil mixed with red grape juice, red wine and sea salt support purification at 36°C. The bath has a relaxing and calming effect and stimulates the absorption of the active ingredients throughout the entire skin surface.
  • Revitalizing massages: They have a positive impact on the inner organs and antibacterial as well as antiallergic effects. The massages used in Vinotherapy can further heal eczema, stimulate blood flow, bleach pigmented moles and induce deep relaxation.

Effects and origin

The roots of Vinotherapy date back to the Middle Age. Wealthy women of this time already used cold-pressed grape oil as cosmetic since it was well-known to keep the skin young, vital, tender and thus beautiful.

To this day,the precious seeds of our Valais grapes hold these vital substances which function as scavengers and combat premature skin ageing. What is more, Vinotherapy also has positive effects on your circulation and blood flow.

Partners who offer Vinotherapy:

Walliser Alpentherme & SPA
3954 Leukerbad
+41 27 472 10 10

Hotel Le Bristol
Rathausstrasse 5
3954 Leukerbad
+41 27 472 75 00


My Leukerbad
CH-3954 Leukerbad
Tel. +41 27 472 71 71


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