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Thermal spring guild


The thermal spring guild was founded as a successor organization to the water group at 3. 3. in 3 of the 3rd millennium afternoon at 3 clock.

The purpose of the thermal spring guild promoting and communicating the importance of the thermal springs in Leukerbad: medical, educational, scientific, social, economic, cultural, ecological and historical.

The Zunftrat was baptized on 22.3.2003 on the day of the water in the water. The baptism of the first guild members and the first General Assembly was on 24.1.2004.
The Hot Springs guild has set itself the following tasks: creation of a thermal spring trek (completed), development of a thermal source to the Dala gorge (realized), opening and providing access to the unused foot (Table 2 Thermal spring trek).

Become a member of the thermal spring guild and contribute something to the promotion and preservation of the thermal springs.
Information: Leukerbad Tourism 027 472 71 71

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Thermal spring guild
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My Leukerbad
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