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The mountain lakes around Leukerbad

Leukerbad_Daubensee Wamdern

The mountain lakes in the region Leukerbad are popular destinations for the whole family. But also there are mystical stories. Rumor has it that there are some underground passages.

Anyway, enjoy it while hiking the tranquility of nature and the fascinating panorama of the four peaks of the Valais and Bernese Alps and maybe then refresh yourself with cool glacial water.

"Dauben Lake" (2h):

From Gemmipass from an approximately 2-hour trail leads around the Dauben Lake. The Dauben Lake flows from underground and reappears only in the wine village Salquenen. There his water meets the Rhone. more...

"Majing Lake" (2h):

The Majing Lake located between the Gemmi and the Torrent and can be reached on easy trails across two levels. This lake is man-made and not particularly large. He exudes an ambience that it is worth to take a comfortable rest for a picnic. more...

"Wysse Lake" (3h30min):

The Wysse Lake is situated on 2'337 meters above sea level, the hiking paradise of the Torrent area between the Rinderhütte and the Restipass. He is sometimes belonging to the pool of water, which feed the springs. First, it seeps, and then it should be on the way forty years. What we can say with certainty is that there you will find a incredible view of the four peaks in the Alps and offers a wonderful view of the Rhone Valley. more...


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