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Autumn in Leukerbad - more activ, fit and healthy!


Undisputedly - hiking in autumn is not only incredibly beautiful, it also helps staying active and keeping fit. But why is Leukerbad even more active, fit and healthy in autumn?

In Leukerbad, 3.9 million liters of thermal water with a temperature of up to 51 degrees Celsius are emitted daily from the depths of the earth's interior. On its 40-year journey, rainwater enriches itself with calcium and sulphate, before it appears on the surface and makes Leukerbad be the largest thermal spa resort of the Alps. The thermal water is a natural gift of nature. Convince yourself of the active, fit and healthy effect of the thermal water combined with the autumn experience in Leukerbad.

The mountainside of Leukerbad is covered with 200km of hiking trails, including the historical Gemmipass hike, which connects the Valais with the canton of Bern. The Torrenthorn, which is located in the heart of the Valais and provides a 360° panoramic view and further exciting, historical themed walks such as the Albinenleitern, the Römerweg with the glitter of the Valaisan antique, the thermal spring trail through the gorge of the Dala or the glacier path Lämmeren complete the hiking network of Leukerbad. Here you will find an overview of the hiking trails.

Book now the Mountain and spa pass and experience Leukerbad in autumn.

With the booking of an accommodation within the holiday region of Leukerbad, you will receive the Leukerbad Card Plus (LBC+). With this card you have the possibility to buy your mountain and spa pass at a special price and you profit from reductions on different activities of different providers.

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