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Parish Church Varen


Parish Church "Mary of the Seven Sorrows" in Varen

Also in Varen the construction of a modern church is remarkable. As in Albinen destruction by an earthquake was involved. Firstly, the earthquake of 1946, and then a second in 1960, after which a new building was definitely required.  The old church tower was preserved and attached to the new church. The first church was built by the parish of Varen in 1783, but was destroyed in 1799 at the Battle of Pfyn by Napoleon's troops when a part of the village was left in ruins. Rebuilt provisionally, the inauguration was held in 1807 and in 1870 was extended to the capacity of two galleries. The new church in the form of a 6-sided polygon is perched on a cliff overlooking the Rhone Valley. It was built between 1967-1969. The glass windows of the Valais artist Anton Mutter and the fantastic view over the Rhone Valley and the Pfynwald you should not be missed!


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