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The history of Varen


The name Varen in French Varone, is composed of the Celtic words vero (top) and rona (rim, gorge). This exactly describes its location above the Dala gorge. A grave from the Bronze Age (8th century. BC), which included a Valais triangular dagger, among other things, is evidence of a prehistoric settlement.

Between 1120 and 1150 the castle of Varona was built with a settlement. The oldest document that mentions the place Varen, is from 1241 and lists the purchase of a vineyard. Around the same time is mention of the purchase of the right to rule by the Prince-Bishop of Sion from the Knights of Varona and which were re-acquired by the municipality in 1362.  In 1272 is also mention of a roadhouse in Varen. During this time, namely in 1280, the Dala tower was built with a drawbridge, as the city gate of Leuk-Stadt and still stands proudly at this same location.

1543 municipal regulation is recorded and kept. In 1783 Varen detached from the great parish in Leuk-Stadt. In 1799 the village was occupied during the Napoleonic wars by the French as flank protection, but shortly afterwards retaken by the citizen. Because after the reconquest there were so many occupiers thrown in the Dala Gorge, the ultimately victorious French burned the village down. Between 1800 and 1803 Varen was built up again.

The earthquake of 1946 was especially harmful to the church. Another quake in 1960 led to a new church being built between 1667-1969. The old church tower remained. 1990 a new link road to the Dala bridge between Varen and Leuk, was initiated. The Dala tower with the drawbridge after more than 700 years of use was released to its pension years.

In the 90s, the first label "Pfyfoltru" for the natural wine from Varen was born. The Varner winemakers prescribed thereby integrated production (IP), using environmentally friendly methods to produce good-quality grapes and thus guaranteeing a good wine. The first coup of the Varner winemakers was the Pinot Noir Pfyfoltru - a Pinot Noir leading the line. In 1996 the Oeil de Perdrix Rosé wine – In 2003, the most recent addition, the Varrique Pfyfoltru - a blend of Pinot Noir, Syrah and two other red grape varieties. The latter is aged in oak barrels in a cave.

The reputation of these wines now ranges far beyond the country's borders. Around ten wineries in Varen mainly determine the economic power of the place and in cooperation with Leukerbad also promotes wine tourism.

The Pfyfoltru Grape Path (Pfyfoltru Rebweg) which exists since 2004, wine lovers can quench their thirst for knowledge and learn about the secret of Pfyfoltru wines. In order for these vineyards to get to their label, several criteria must be met in full: The integrated viticulture IP with greening and quantity restrictions for cultivation must also be complied with. The wine production is only allowed using natural products. Finally, the wine must undergo a blind tasting by professional wine tasting committee and obtain the rating "very good".

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