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With its 120 inhabitants Inden satisfies the principle of "small is beautiful". In 1779 the little village was mentioned in Goethe's travel journals. If Goethe the poet Laureate was impressed enough with this charming spot you should not just pass through it!.

Inden is situated on the culture trail Dala-Raspille from Leukerbad to the famous wine villages Varen and Salquenen. The small, former train station of Leuk-Leukerbad railway has been refurbished with love as "mom and pop shop".  The church a late baroque building with an organ built in 1826 is not to be underestimated.

Five kilometers away you can enjoy the thermal baths of Leukerbad. Peace-seekers and lovers of a rural idyll can come here to get their fill.


My Leukerbad
CH-3954 Leukerbad
Tel. +41 27 472 71 71


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