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Parish Church Albinen


Parish Church "Brother Klaus" in Albinen

It’s a surprise to many to encounter such a modern church in a typical Valais village with its pretty sun-browned wooden houses. Malicious tongues even speak of a spaceship. The present church should embody an allusion to the ark. It was built in 1959 in a modern style, because the old church was demolished in the earthquake of 1946. The glass windows are by artist Alfred Grünwald of Brig and represent the seven sacraments.  A baroque representation of a cross and a modern statue of Brother Klaus also adorn the church. Also worthy of note is the Baptismal with the side altar. In this space a painting by the pupil of Rubens Pieter Soutman hangs.  It is a representation of shows St. Laurent.


My Leukerbad
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