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Whether wellness, viniculture, Valais traditions or modern architecture:
The region around Leukerbad has quite a variety of things to do and to see. Take the time to discover the gems of this region: you will be surprised!

  • Leukerbad_Dorf_Bergpanorama_Sommer
    Welcome in the largest thermal spa and wellness resort in the Alps!
  • _MG_7338_verkleinert
    Considering the color of the sun-darkened houses the sun certainly shines a very long time here!
  • inden_01
    As a harbinger on the road to Leukerbad Inden presents itself as an extremely charming village
  • Varen Dorf (5)
    The village has committed itself to near-natural wine growing.
  • Leukerbad Sommer Pfyn
    Discover the places around Leukerbad. Each village has its own pearl - you will be surprised!


My Leukerbad
CH-3954 Leukerbad
Tel. +41 27 472 71 71


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Monday - Sunday

08.30-11.30 | 14.00-17.00

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