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Erlebnispark Obere Maressen

Leukerbad Sessellift obere Maressen

 With the “Obere Maressen” Leukerbad has an excellent recreational area. It is slightly above the village but still near the center of the village. Since the middle of the last century the area has been developed and used with different transport facilities. At last there was a chair lift, which by the end of the operating license in 2008, was dismantled by the owner. Many unsatisfied guests and locals of Leukerbad moved the initiators to found the “Association Sponsorship “Obere Maressen”, in order to achieve a tourist revival of the “Obere Maressen”. A great objective of the association is to provide a year-round supply for guests as well as for the locals of Leukerbad in the “Obere Maressen”, in further the project enriches and complements the already existing cable cars of Torrent during summer and winter.

On this website you will be informed continously about the project. If you have questions please contact, Gabriel Grichting, the president of this project by E-Mail or by fax +41 (0)27 472 71 51.



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