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Gemmi hike


Since the Gemmi hike was opened to winter enthusiasts, the historical pass has won over even more friends. With the Walliser Alps looking their best to the south and the little spa town of Leukerbad overshadowed by the mountains down in the valley, the views on the Bernese side begin with the frozen expanse of the Daubensee. This winter hike starts at the Gemmi Pass and leads down to the Daubensee and from there past the Berghotel Schwarenbach(open in winter) and on to Sunnbüel. The mighty peaks on either side of the valley make this hike a spectacular experience. The hike takes three to four hours. Naturally, you could also start your tour in Kandersteg and wind down with a relaxing bath in one of the 30 thermal baths in Leukerbad.

Ask a round ticket for the cableways, the busses and the trains. You can buy this ticket to all desks on the trip



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