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Thermal canyon walk & thermal spring trek

The Leukerbad Tourism offers a map with directions for you. To become an expert in just under two hours to find the thermal waters!

Thermal spring trek


It runs through the village to the Dala gorge. With nine illustrated panels, walkers will have the knowhow about the broader source categories in Leukerbad, geology, history or the medical and economic aspects of the thermal water.

Thermal canyon walk


This gorge leads through the creek bed and on the left bank you find the thermal springs. The bridge itself is an imposing steel structure on which you walk about 600 meters through the gorge. The power of water is revealed later than the 35m waterfall. Nearby is a suspension bridge crossing the gorge, while you can watch the thunderous case of suspended staircases.


Tip: The pathways (up to the waterfall and stairs) are both wheelchair accessible!

A flight through the amazing gorge of the Dala

Experience the gorge of the Dala with it's thermal canyon walk from an other point of view. A short film made by Andreas Furrer.


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