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Pfyfoltru pathway Varen


"Pfyfoltru" is the Valaiser idiom for butterfly and emphasizes the natural wine by IP rules, which is operated in Varen by many wineries.

Passable in summer and winter - On the Pfyfoltru paths will give you the simple secret of this noble Varner drop disclosed. It is not too complicated. Various greening measures and the traditional care of the land at the same time promoted the settlement of butterflies, beetles and other insects that are helpful in pest control. However, other measures such as the amount of restriction lead to a very high quality wine.

The walk starts at the church in Varen and runs 3.5 kilometers. It is a rather easier Wine pathway with 70 meters height difference, the starting point for exploring in 1.5 hours.

The best way to close this walk with a glass of wine from Pfyfoltru!

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