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Leukerbad – Gemmi pass (2:00)


"The boldest buildings in the world to give but not so large concept of human courage and superhuman strength when he hung in the air path, which goes away with ease on immeasurable, indestructible masses." This description of the Gemmipass by Wolfgang Menzel, German writer 1798-1873, the attraction of the Gemmi paths probably applies best. Many others, such as Goethe, Mark Twain, Lenin or Picasso have hiked here before. To concur this impressive mountain path takes about two hours, about 900 meters in altitude.

The Gemmiweg belongs to Leukerbad as the thermal water! In order to do the hike you must not necessarily be free from giddiness, as the trail is in very good conditions. Nevertheless, it is a mountain hiking trail, which is steep and partially exposed.


from June to October

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Who reaches the top of the Gemmi under the motto "The longest running adventure in the world takes 150 days', from the Sportarena Leukerbad to Berghotel Wildstrubel in less than 60 minutes (65 minutes for women) wins a ride back on the Gemmibahn and on the same day a free admission to the Leukerbad Therme.  More information under: www.gemmi.ch


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