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Cultural pathway Dala - Raspille (4:00)


These days hike from Leukerbad to Salquenen according to a different nature as cultural spaces of Valais in mind.
From Leukerbad it goes over the Roman road by Inden. Here one runs partly along the old railway route of the former Leuk-Leukerbad railway. Next Varen direction it goes past a former lime kiln. You should arrived in Varen necessarily taste the Pfyfoltru wine before going further moves to Salquenen where the wine museum with exhibits and explanations waiting to local vineyards.

The route highlights the former importance of the north-south axis through the Gemmi pathway. Around the middle of the 16th century a new course had began. The Roman Bridge (1539) at Rumeling by Ulrich Ruffiner was also built in that time. Two hundred years later (1739-62) the Gemmi pathway has been prepared, so as it still is in some way and also the passage in the Varnerleitern were blasted out. About the latter route Goethe arrived in 1779 from Sierre to Leukerbad and described the route as a harmless but terrible-looking way. The road, starting from 1850, and finally the Leuk-Leukerbad-Bahn from 1915 shrugging off a spa resort convenient to reach. With the new connection through the Lötschberg tunnel Gemmi lost its importance. The culture Dala-Raspille is therefore to enhance the route from Leukerbad via Inden and Varen after Salquenen. Besides that you walk in the shortest possible time through different climate zones, the Raspille is also the language border between German and French. Variety is guaranteed in this way.


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