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Leukerbad - Crans-Montana (7:00)


The hike to Crans-Montana takes about seven hours. On this hike you can test out the bilingualism of the Valais.

You walk along the Roman trail to Birchen, passing by Kluscheten before arriving in Larschi. If you like it more exciting, you can also take the Geissweg to Larschi, but this option is only recommended for people who are free from giddiness. Passing by the Chällerflüe, the trail guides you in direction of Varneralpe. There it becomes quite steep. Once arrived at the top, the trail guides through alpine meadows and through the woods directly to the creek Tièchebaches. Then along an old irrigation channel (water pipe) to Alpe Aprilie and further on to Plumachit / Montana.

For the return trip to Leukerbad we recommend public transport. Because after this walk you will need the hot springs for sure!



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