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Leukerbad – Birchen (0:30) – Bodmen (0:50) – Inden (1:30) – Rumeling (1:50) – Tschingern (2:20) – Albinen (3:10) – Dorben (3:50) – Leukerbad (5:00)

Most there were chapels which formed a new parish in the Valais and from the later a new church was built. The churches and chapels in the region are witnesses and document their history.

The Chapel trail passes through five places, as well as eight chapels and churches that tell all its own story. As a day hike or in stages this hike is relatively easy to make.

A brochure, available from Leukerbad Tourism, documenting the sacred buildings and takes the hiker also to other churches and chapels of Leuk region such ossuary in Leuk-Stadt, which many a one shower can go over the back with the layered skulls.

Download the brochure of the chapels way.


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