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Spa tourism in Leukerbad


Until recently it was assumed that the discovery of mineral springs of Leukerbad and the settlement of the area dated back merely to the 13th century.
In recent times, however, this assumption was disproved because a significant number of antiquities were found in various places in Dalatal. This completes the proof was furnished that Leukerbad and the area was inhabited by the springs already in the Roman-Helvetian times, latest in the 2nd century AD.

Oldest document
The oldest deed in the local archives of Leukerbad dates from the year 1315. 1380 already 50 families lived in today's spa town. In 1478 the first inns in Balnea leucensia or "bathing".
The year 1501 was decisive for spa tourism in the town: then Cardinal Matthew Schiner of Sion bought rights to the hot springs in Leukerbad, invested in bathing and had a splendid inn. From his castle in Leuk the churchman liked to ride to the beneficial sources in order there to recover, together with the political and ecclesiastical notables from all over Europe, from the strains of everyday life.

Tourism Development
Avalanches over the centuries repeatedly damaged parts of the village and therefore some of the baths, the oldest resort in the Valais has built the infrastructure over again. In 1850 the village had 577 inhabitants and finally Leukerbad was accessible from the valley by road. 1896 was the founding of a hotel and spa company, the first Hotel-AG in Switzerland. With the construction of the first ski lift 1948 Winter tourism in Leukerbad.

Then there followed in quick succession: 1957 Gemmi-train-station was built between 1959-61 construction of rheumatology and rehabilitation clinic was held, followed by the paralysis institute in 1962 The outdoor pools were opened in the 1968. From 1970-72, the foundation and the construction of Torrent railways. The opening of the thermal bath center of the community was opened in 1980.

The completion of stage 3 today Leukerbad thermal baths was carried out in 1989. Finally in 1993 was the grand opening of The Lindner Alpen Therme. The baths of Leukerbad history that leads back to Roman times proves that wellness is not a modern time of publication, but can look back on a centuries-long tradition.


Suggested reading (in German):

Thermen im Wallis von Dr. Louis Largo & Peter Salzmann, CHF 32.00
Thermen, Themen und Tourismus von Stephan Andereggen, CHF 19.80
500 Jahre Badetourismus (Badebüchlein Leukerbad), CHF 5.-

All the books are available by My Leukerbad.


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