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The parish church

Pfarrkirche Leukerbad

You can see Leukerbad's catholic parish church when you enter the village. It has a long and eventful history. The history books say that the Parish church was the first to become independent, under Matthäus Schiner, bishop and cardinal, of the mother church in Leuk in 1501.

The church got its current look in 1966 when its façade was renovated. The portal of the old church is still visible today. The renovation of the interior was completed in 1975.
The parish is especially proud of a very valuable depiction of the stations of the cross painted on canvas. The painting used to hang in the parish church in Albinen but was sold when the church was remodelled. Now it has a place at eye level in the Parish church in Leukerbad to allow visitors to marvel at the precious details of the painting. In 1982 a parish centre was built next to the church with a hall for church associations and a mortuary chapel. Today, the parish church is not only a place of worship but also a place where concerts are held.


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